Spawned from the know-how of Fives and Michelin, AddUp proposes a range of machines and automated factories with a unique HSE, Mobile and Flexible protection. This product offer is accompanied by a broad range of operational services and support.


Machines (LBM)

FormUp™ Machines

The FormUp™ range of machines for direct metal multi-laser melting, offer reliability and productivity.



  • AddUp machines can produce 24/7, with OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) that meets industrial companies’ toughest expectations.


  • Currently unrivaled surface quality, material integrity and internal stress levels
  • Possibility of manufacturing surfaces with very low angles relative to the unsupported horizontal


  • Michelin’s experience in industrial production and the use of the “PMPM” (Powder, Machine, Part, Method) quality planning process, in which all parameters are fully controlled, guarantee that the parts produced are high-quality and ensure repeatability under the qualification conditions required for all types of certification.


  • All powder sizes can be used (up to 10 to 15 µm), with specifications which are significantly less restrictive than most, particularly for morphology and sphericity, in order to ensure that operating costs stay under control.

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Technical features

  • Effective production volume
    FormUp™ 350 - 350 x 350 x 350 mm
  • Laser Type
    500W Yb fiber laser - 1 to 2 lasers
  • Optical chain
    3D Scanner
  • Control of oxygen level adapted to materials used
    Argon & Nitrogen with programmable control of oxygen depending on constraints of the process and materials used
  • materials used Coating system
  • Roll system (treated or coated) / Blade system
    Interchangeable enabling use of all powders
  • Accuracy of spot position on the plate
    ± 35 µm
  • ± 35 μm Part reproducibility
    ± 0,03 mm (for minimal thickness)
  • Thickness of programmable layer
    20 µm to 100 µm
  • Scanner speed
    10m/s maximun
  • Heated platform
    200°C (up to 500°C available° in 2018)
  • Managing powder change
    Full interchangeability of powder circuit (modules, dosers, distributors) enabling quick change of materials
  • Machine autonomy
    Reservoir volume large enough to complete a full plate following a customised configuration process. Option to refill reservoir without halting production
  • AddUp Control System
    Controls machine configuration upstream, completed through interactive surveillance of all the parameters useful during component production
parameters useful during component production Data for information only, liable to change.


When multiple machines are integrated into a full production line, certain functions are combined:

  • Fume removal
  • Inerting gas
  • Powder processing
  • Standard powder feed modules
  • Universal software program to manage multiple workshop configurations



By design, FormUp™ machines are compatible with all types of materials.

Recipes and adjustments are already available for the following materials:

If your material is not yet on the list, please contact us so that we can assess the timeframe for the machine adjustments and tests.


AddUp FlexCare System

An analysis of the industrial and medical risks generated by the composition of certain alloys (Ni and Co) and the powder granulometry used (< 100-150 microns), as well as our mass production experience, highlighted the need to deploy solutions which integrate HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) issues from the earliest stages.

AddUp benefits from the experience of Fives and Michelin, which share the same values when it comes to protecting operators’ health and creating a safe working environment.

FormUp™ machines integrate HSE from the design phase, to limit operators’ exposure.

In addition to infrastructure consulting for additive manufacturing workshop creation, AddUp offers AddUp Control Systems, specific protective solutions that enable its customers to produce safely.

AddUp Flex care System™ is a flexible, innovative patented solution of one or more transportable plug & play HSE units, which includes everything you need for production with peace of mind.

AddUp FlexCare System AM Manufacturing top view
FlexCare System by AddUp - Front view


AddUp Manager is the preparation software for metal additive manufacturing.

Designed to capitalize on AddUp machines’ full potential, AddUp Manager is easy to learn while offering an extensive set of features.

It includes a modern and handy user interface, simplifying preparation steps before manufacturing:

  • Import of .STL and .3MF geometries
  • Customizable display options
  • Simultaneous management of different projects


AddUp Manager offers many different tools aimed to optimize your printing job preparations:

  • Duplicate pieces function
  • Automatic alignment, rotation and translations
  • Boolean operators
  • Marking function

AddUp softwares

AddUp Manager automatically slices imported pieces, based on the layer height defined by the user. You can visualize with high precision the trajectories the laser follows on the surface of each layer.

An automatic and configurable Support Generation function is also available. Once angle and minimum areas are defined, AddUp Manager creates supports which will be able to receive their own melting strategies.

The manufacturing methods definition dedicated to process experts allows to focus on material health, productivity or precision according to your needs.

  • Create strategies using drag & drop function
  • Complete control over the machines behaviors

AM Factory

Production lines


Depending on the customer’s needs, the industry applications and the types of parts to be produced, AddUp’s teams will assess the feasibility of a complete FormUp™ Line industrial solution, and propose a fully functional and productive industrial architecture.

Automated production plant

AddUp benefits from the experience of having a fully automated and operational production line already in place:
MMichelin has developed and installed an additive production line in its plant which has taken into account all the industrialization feedback regarding this technology.
As for Fives, it has years of experience and know-how in the automation of industrial lines in all types of industrial sectors with their varied requirements: aeronautics, automobile, energy, logistics, etc.

For more information, contact us!

Automated line at Michelin

Customized industrial solutions

If you have specific industrialization constraints or if you need advice in assessing and developing your specifications, AddUp will define with you the best economic compromise for your industry.
The presence of Fives experts within AddUp guarantees that you will receive full operational and industrial proposals tailored to your needs and requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Customer Support

AddUp supports its customers all along a product’s or part’s lifecycle by proposing services tailored to each situation from the upstream acquisition phase until the operating, maintenance and upgrading of additive machines and production lines.

Our goal is to support you to ensure the best availability of equipment and to maintain their initial performance.

By using AddUp machines, lines and systems you are guaranteed to have experts with a know-how based on:

  • Feedback from Michelin which has developed long-term expertise from operating industrial-scale additive manufacturing 24 hours a day.
  • Feedback from the AddUp teams which daily operate FormUp 350™ machines to produce their POC (Proof Of Concept)

Spare parts

AddUp provides its customers with a delivery service for consumables and spare parts in order to ensure them a continuous and quality production.

  • To place an order or a receive a quotation for AddUp original parts or accessories, contact us.



AddUp offers repair and maintenance services adapted to your situation.

We offer different preventative maintenance packages to maintain your equipment in an optimum working condition.
Our AddUp maintenance services are based on the organization of international scale services which have been perfectly honed by Fives, on wide-ranging feedback from, for example, POC production activity in an AddUp production line, our customers’ parts and Michelin’s large-scale industrial production activity.

AddUp benefits from Fives’ Global Services with more than 300 people serving customers throughout the world.
Thanks to this worldwide presence, AddUp Services can rapidly guarantee a local support team.


Depending on the situation, we can troubleshoot remotely by telephone or onsite.



To better support you in the development of your industrial projects and to enable you to operate the equipment at an optimum level over the long-term, AddUp offers software and hardware upgrades which integrate the latest innovations and machine improvements.


Smart data services

Depending on your data storage needs, we can offer you secured digital solutions onsite at your production facility or remotely.
Data security is our priority and the entire digital chain of our production systems has been designed to guarantee the protection of your proprietary data.



AddUp, along with its Financial Partners can offer you flexible funding solutions for your equipment: a leasing agreement, off-balance sheet operational leasing, etc.
Contact our sales representatives for a funding simulation.



In order to assist you in the use and mastering of additive manufacturing with our AddUp equipment, we have set up AddUp Think for training courses and consulting tailored to each situation:

1) An introduction to additive manufacturing, on how to start up your production (steering and maintenance)

2) Operating and maximizing the efficiency of the manufacturing processes and operating the equipment to the best of its capacities

3) Supervising an industrial-scale production, quality criteria, certification, etc.

For more information on AddUp Think