AddUp Think

AddUp Think was designed to guide you and bring you a level of expertise adapted to each of your needs whatever your level of maturity and knowledge of 3D printing.
Our goal is to help you to “think additive”, to design differently and also to enable you to fulfil today and tomorrow the potential offered by the technology.


In order to answer any questions you may have about the integration of 3D printing, AddUp Consulting™ will offer you structured advice so that you can define a customized road map to support you at each different stage.
For example, we offer quantitative analyses of economic gains, creativity sessions which take into account 3D printing possibilities, and workshops to identify and choose eligible parts.

AddUp Consulting


  • Identifying parts which are eligible for Additive Manufacturing.
  • Finding a solution to bypass a technical road block.
  • Reducing the mass of components or assembling functions.

We look to see how additive manufacturing can contribute to solving a commercial issue and meet the different challenges. The technological solution needs to be realistic given the current limits of the technology, but also needs to integrate the huge progress expected in the upcoming years.
This approach which is both commercial and technical makes it possible to define which solutions need to be implemented today and which in the future.


A flagship technology of Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing will lead to each company defining how it will evolve and how its employees and organization will have to adapt. In collaboration with company transformation specialists, AddUp will support you in identifying the human and organizational changes which correspond to your company, as well as the implementation of necessary evolutions.

AM Transformation Management


Your requirements:

  • You have identified a part or functions which need to be redesigned via the use of additive manufacturing. How can you maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing?
  • VYou wish to innovate and find new ideas to solve identified issues or to bring new functionalities to your products without missing out on the potential of metal 3D printing?

The “Add Think” creative approach will reply to your requirements:

The creativity sessions are based on tried and tested methods which can generate a large number of operational ideas and scenarios.
A Specialized Facilitator shall run the sessions. He or she is independent and guarantees the approach, makes sure the session remains on schedule and ensures that the objectives are met.
The choice of participants is a key element: choosing the profiles from your company and AddUp who are the most capable of solving your problem.

A production example from a two-day creativity session:



Additive manufacturing offers extraordinary perspectives: achieving new technical performances, reducing costs, reducing delays, combining functions which were traditionally achieved by several parts…These perspectives depend on the needs of each company in its field. The choice of the right selection criteria is of vital importance. These criteria can be applied to a single part or up to hundreds or thousands of references, for the purpose, for example, of reducing stock and producing parts on demand. Whatever your context, AddUp can support you in your analysis and study.

Economic Suitability

Choosing additive manufacturing as a means of obtaining a part must be justified economically on the basis of robust criteria which traditionally have not been used. A make or buy strategy must be assessed, as much with regard to the production method as to the studies, finishing, control, etc. But in order to precisely calculate a cost you need to take into account key technical criteria such as the orientation of the parts on the manufacturing plate, achieving manufacturing volumes. They also need to be controlled from the most upstream phases of the process (typically the Proof Of Concept) all the way though to industrialization, whilst at the same time integrating expected future technological progress. AddUp has solid experience in assessing and monitoring costs as closely as possible. AddUp, with its powerful R&D department, can also project these estimations by integrating technological developments in a robust manner.

AddUp Academy

Aware of the importance of supporting you in the adaptation of additive manufacturing, AddUp has set up an AddUp Academy™ which proposes a dynamic and up-to-date training format, either online, hybrid (“blended”) or face-to-face, adapted to every level and whatever the profile of the participants.

AddUp Academy Online


AddUp offers different e-learning courses in order for a large number of people to be trained simultaneously.
We offer e-learning training sessions which are tailored to your company and/or to your industry.

For more information, please contact us.


AddUp is innovating by proposing a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course): a unique and completely free training path with a series of educational videos with validation of each level of attainment.
More than 2 hours of free-access training will enable you to discover additive manufacturing and to acquire an initial overview of the possibilities of additive manufacturing.
Our purpose is to make sure that you do not miss out on the 3D printing revolution!

Discover the MOOC and join AddUp Academy online

Paid training:

To go even further in the specific field of metal 3D printing, AddUp offers companies and academic institutions a professional fee-paying online course for company employees or students.

This method enables learners to benefit from all the pedagogical methods by becoming part of the digital transformation of organizations and companies in order to develop the skills of employees/students.

A very complete training path with a series of educational videos with validation of each level of attainment.

We offer e-learning training courses which are tailored to your company and/or to your industry.

Attendance-based courses

Our ambition is to be able to support you in your complete additive manufacturing experience.

We offer catalogue training courses but also tailored to your company and/or your industry.

They are designed to address all the different professions within a company with specially targeted content:

For business:

  • Businesses who have succeeded in additive manufacturing. Case analyses. How to position your own business.
  • Investing in additive manufacturing. Make-or-buy strategy.

For design engineers:

  • Additive manufacturing design rules
  • Understanding and designing lattice structures
  • Understanding and implementing conformal cooling in metal additive manufacturing
  • Calculating and assessing costs
  • Programming method

For production:

  • HSE rules and recommendations
  • Installing a metal additive manufacturing production line.
  • Running and maintaining a metal additive manufacturing machine

For human resources:

  • Engaging in additive manufacturing. Defining an additive manufacturing vision for the company which brings the team on board. Understanding the changes necessary for the successful implementation of additive manufacturing, exploring implantation solutions and starting up the first actions.