AddUp Community

Welcome to AddUp Community!

The goal of AddUp Community’s ecosystem is to connect offer and demand for parts production.

AddUp Community is built around additive manufacturing parts producers. AddUp accompanies these actors through a label, validating their community membership. This label embodies each member’s high level of excellence, supported by AddUp’s unique requirements.

Each industry has its own set of ratifications and quality requirements. Each actor detaining the label will be, most of the time, specialised and accredited by industry.

AddUp Community’s label is a trust guarantee for your customers (Tier 1, 2 or 3) willing to print parts. It is delivered only after validating several key elements, such as:

  • Producing on AddUp machines
  • Training staff through AddUp Academy
  • Thorough technical knowledge of our 3D printing machines
  • Mastering all of the technology while respecting Health & Safety obligations to produce parts
  • Applying your sector’s requirements (norms, ratifications, certifications, …)

Discover below how AddUp Community can help your company grow as a supplier or as an industrial willing to produce!

You're an investor

Be part of an inner circle

You want to invest in additive manufacturing machines or a complete workshop with the LBM or DED technology.

When you buy machines, you can be part of the exclusive circle of AddUp Community, organised by industry. Each sector has its own special features regarding ratifications and quality requirements. As long as you obtained those certifications, we train your staff to answer your customers’ needs through additive manufacturing.

Therefore, you gain all of AddUp’s experience through its machines and training sessions. Offer to your customers a turnkey industrial solution that’s easy to set up.



You want to print parts

Master your production

To produce parts without the need for our machines, you can speak to one of our AddUp Community’s many actors. Externalising your production will allow you to gain all of AddUp’s expertise at a fraction of the initial cost.

Metal 3D printing industrialisation requires preparation.

Contact an AddUp Community’s member to guarantee:

  • a print on industrial machines answering to the best your needs, from a single need to mass production.
  • a production flexibility that you can activate at will.
  • to work with experts trained by AddUp Academy.
  • to have part quality at the best level made by additive manufacturing professionals and under the best Health & Safety policies.
  • to have all of AddUp’s knowledge with setup parameters, fine-tuning and material development transferred as long as you have AddUp Start to help you conceive and realise your Proof of Concept.