Additive technologies

Depending on your industrial goals, it is important to do the right choice and choose the best additive manufacturing technology according to your project.

Through more than 10 years of experience using additive manufacturing by Michelin, the AddUp Hubs will guide you on the most relevant printing technology, adapted to your constraints and needs.


LBM Process

AddUp executes at an industrial level the powder bed fusion (PBF) with Laser Beam Melting (LBM). This allows, thanks to the use of powder and a low diameter laserspot, printing parts with precision, a smooth finish, a good material health and good internal coercion.

Precision level on maraging steel small parts: +/- 35 µm


DED Process

The Directed Energy Deposition is an additive manufacturing process where focused heat energy is used to melt materials as they are deposited.

BeAM’s industrial solutions generally use a deposition nozzle mounted on the Z-Axis of a DED-customized CNC machine. The continuous 5 axis movement allows building and repairing components layer by layer without the need of a support.

The use of traditional CNC commands and G ISO code give our customers practical tools for which their qualified workforce is already used to.

Would you like to know which technology is best suited to your industrial needs?